High Protein Shakes-Definitely Worth The Price!

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Oh…for something to stop your tummy rumbling when you are so busy and haven’t the time or energy to leave the desk and get some FOOD, has this ever happened to you? or maybe just change the story a wee bit and you have your own experience, well what about trying one of those high protein shakes, or protein smoothie, to fill in that gap when you are hungry, or what about cutting out one meal a day and just having a drink of something delicious and filling.

High protein shakes are not really a diet on their own, but are so healthy and nutritious so if you were to subsidise one instead of having some take away “greasies” for say, your work lunch imagine how much better you would feel for the rest of the afternoon, and also there is a BIG chance that you will loose a few pounds into the bargain if you do this on a regular basis, maybe every day.

High protein shakes for a substitute breakfast

Sometimes breakfast can be a bit of a panic in some houses, or else you tend to go without and reach for anything to eat by mid morning, even, may I say, a chocolate bar, (oh hush my mouth) but you get my drift.

Children who don’t have time for breakfast, mainly because they were still sometimes doing their assignments, ( like one of my boy’s seemed want to do), or they just aren’t ready for food in their rush time, find it is hard to concentrate at school with not breaking their overnight fast, which is what breakfast is all about.

Imagine what happy little vegemites you would be sending off to school Mum, if they downed a whey protein shake before leaving home, especially if they had made it themselves, and then cleaned up after themselves. Wow!!

There are lots of blender bottle shakers for high protein shakes on the market nowadays which can transport liquid drinks, so they could take it with them to have later, or you yourself on the way to work, and here is an excellent example for you to purchase….www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00CSD105G

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The Ultra-Nutrition Shake™ is back!! green leaf bullet High Protein Shakes Definitely Worth The Price!It’s like a “multi-vitamin in a glass” and can be used to enhance anyone’s daily nutritional intake. green leaf bullet High Protein Shakes Definitely Worth The Price!Adults can use it for overall balance and energy as a daily multi-vitamin/multi-mineral. green leaf bullet High Protein Shakes Definitely Worth The Price!Athletes will benefit  before or after workouts for fast recovery and optimal performance.


Natural Wellness of America™ Inc.; Ultra-Nutrition Shake ™ is like a “multi-vitamin in a glass” used to enhance anyone’s daily nutritional intake.  You can drink it with water or juice as a midday energy booster. Double French Vanilla

One great benefit is that a smoothie is so easy on the digestive system, being water based, which you could add more or less of to accommodate your taste, unlike spicy or fried eggs and bacon for the stomach to deal with, especially if you have a sensitive stomach or suffer from I.B.S., which can have many causes.

It just makes good sense that good things put into the stomach will make you look and feel better, keeping things moving in a more natural way with fibre and fruits and vegetables you may want to add to make the flavour to your liking.

Doesn’t this sound like one good idea? and one that your whole family can be involved in, having a competition to find out who can create the best idea and  high protein shakes recipes, and who knows the kids may not realize that they are getting into something that is doing them good, especially the “fussy eaters” which can be a nightmare in some homes, so what is stopping you from giving it a go, as it could work out cheaper than a feed at a take out, and I would suspect a lot better for the body.

So cheers and happy drinking.!!!!

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Protein Shakes an Integral Part of Weight Loss

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How Delicious Does This Look ?

Protein shakes for women have become a much saught after product, and also a quick and easy way to loose those few extra kilos, much to the joy of many users. High protein shakes have also become an integral part of the diet and nutrition of everyone who is into muscle building and weight lifting, as we now know proteins are amazing both for body and overall health.

Protein shakes are very useful when using the gym.

Cranking out high-quality workouts week after week can be difficult if the energy reserves of your body are low, and it can become harder and harder for you to drag yourself back into the gym, and then survive an hour (or more) of intense pushing, pulling, and lifting, but things can become a lot easier when your body is already fueled up and ready to go, and this is where whey protein shakes are important Your body can use stored fat, protein (muscle) as well as (previously consumed) carbohydrates as energy, however, the most easily-accessible source of energy in your body is glycogen, which is glucose (sugar) in storage form, as the meals you’ve had earlier in the day, or even the previous night, can continue to supply your body with the glycogen reserve it needs, to function normally. But…… when you introduce a high-intensity workout into your day, you can start to use up that reserve much quicker and as your glycogen reserves get lower, your body can slow down more and more, until you’re tapped out, so in order to maintain your energy reserves during your high-intensity workouts, you need to plan ahead and keep your glycogen supply available throughout your entire workout. Having a high protein shakes drink before your workout is a good idea, since it can keep your supply up and provide you with the endurance you’ll need, and this will also give you the vitamins and rals which you need to get through the day, and not bog yourself down with having a large meal.

Keeping your body fueled up during the day.

If you choose to eat before your workout, you obviously do not want to stuff yourself so much that you find it difficult, but, you also don’t want to eat too little.  Protein Shakes an Integral Part of Weight Loss Everybody is different so you’ll have to experiment and figure out what the right amount / serving size is for you. Diet shakes are the best to provide the extra energy just before the workout. They contain calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats which can really help you get the extra energy you need for your time in the gym. Just click on one of these beautiful links to find the right product to start you on your weight loss journey, and bless you as you do it !!!! If a protein shaker bottle is what you need then check this out…. shaker bottle 300x300 Protein Shakes an Integral Part of Weight Loss






Diet Shakes Versus No Breakfast For A Healthy Diet??


Wow!! now here is a statement for your consumption and to have a healthy diet, as for a long time it has been said that we need to have breakfast of some sort, cereal, toast, fruit, juice, tea or coffee, something to interrupt our body having been on hold from food for so many hours, which is commonly known as a fast – hence ‘breakfast’, breaking the fast.

We need to see it in our healthy diet living, and as a kick start for our internal engine, rewarding it to get going fast, not in a sluggish way.

Here is an article published in the Brisbane Courier-Mail on Thursday October 18th 2012, via the Daily Mail.

“Breakfast Blocks High-Cal Cravings Making A Healthy Diet”

“If you think skipping your breakfast cuppa and toast will help you shed a few pounds, you could be mistaken.
Researchers claim people who miss breakfast not only eat more for lunch but also crave fatty and sugary foods, putting them at risk of gaining rather than losing weight.
Scientist at Imperial College London scanned the brains of 21 volunteers while they looked at pictures of different foods, such as salads and chocolate. They also had to rate the food’s appeal.
The volunteers were then given an all-you-can-eat pasta lunch. Those who had missed breakfast ate about 250 calories more, or the equivalent of a chocolate bar.
They also found high-calorie foods more tempting, the Society for Neuroscience’s conference heard.
The researchers said this showed the volunteers would have picked out unhealthy foods if they hadn’t been given the pasta meal, packing away even more calories.
They warned against long periods without eating because it resulted in cravings for high-calorie foods due to increased activity in the region of the brain telling us how important food is.”

Reprint of an article published in Brisbane’s Courier Mail newspaper on the 18th October 2012

It is good to get all the information that we can as sometimes we have an idea that by starving our body for a while by skippping a meal here and there that it will help with weight loss, but apparently the opposite happens, with the body storing up in case there is no more food coming, which of course is not a healthy diet plan.

I have had several people tell me that they can’t eat breakfast….. what is all that about!!!!

Having a healthy diet starts first thing in the morning for us all!!!

Find something that you fancy eating or drinking that you know is healthy in the morning, and make it a habit like everything else that we do in life.

No-one suggests that we have a big 3 course meal in the morning, so if you are one of those folk who can’t be bothered to eat in the mornings, have a fruit juice or cuppa, and some fruit, or better still how easy is it to make protein shakes for yourself and anyone else in the family.

Pick up an apple or any of the beautiful fruit that comes into season.

It is never too late to have a rethink and change some of your old ways, and if your body likes it, why are we not having a whey protein shake for BREKKY???

Why not click on the pretty links now to see and buy what is available, to begin your weight loss journey. Bless you in your endevours.


Advantages Of Diet Shakes

Diet shakes have become an integral part of the diet for all those who are really serious about body building and muscle growth.

Gone are the days when you have to spend a fortune to maintain your body and build muscles, as these shakes have actually made life so easy for fitness people, and as well as being easy on the pocket, diet shakes have ingredients which can easily help you see some good results in workouts.

But! it is important to remember that they only act as add-ons to the main diet and should not be used as a meal replacement for all the food that we eat.

Let us discuss a few benefits of these diet shakes for women

1. Gives the extra energy instantly – They have a tendency to give you those extra doses of energy in the middle of a session when you are working out and the body needs energy and nutrients to provide to the muscles. Remember the food that we eat can provide energy for a limited time but at the time of workouts when we need those extra burst of energy, diet shakes are the best.


2. Time savers- Diet shakes are the best time savers as it can take hours to make the perfect diet which contains all the essential components but they are the best to make a quick drink with all the essential nutrients in small quantity.


3. Recommended for everyone – Whey protein shakes are recommended for everyone whether a girl who is in her early teens or for someone who is 40 years of age, unless you are pregnant. They act as add-ons and supplements the body with essential diets, carbohydrates and other essential things.


4. Easy on the pocket – The best diet powders available in the market have reasonable rates and do not burn a hole in the pocket. A few years back , it was not easy for people to buy diet powders but now everyone can afford them as because of the new developments and research, the cost of these powders has come down substantially..

diet shakes 11 Advantages Of Diet Shakes

How cool is this for weight loss !

5. Aid in muscle growth- diet shakes helps in muscle growth by feeding the muscles with all the essential nutrients for growth.


6. Best for pre-workout and post-workouts – diet shakes are the best for pre workouts and post workouts. Before the sessions, we need the inflow of energy so one can easily create a protein shake with milk and get that extra energy to go the extra way. A pure protein shake consisting of diet powder, one glass milk and a banana is perfect just before the workouts.

As far as post workouts are concerned, diet shakes helps the muscles to relax and continue to feed the muscles. Studies have shown that they also help in muscle recovery when the muscles get damage during heavy body building.


7. Comes in wide variety of flavors – diet powders come in wide variety of flavors like vanilla,chocolate, strawberry, mango so that everybody can take them. Drinking your favorite flavored shake can really put that extra spring in your step.



Good News For Weight-loss Using Meal Replacement Shakes

DalesRawFood bannerTM960x202 300x63 Good News For Weight loss Using Meal Replacement Shakes

DRFl banner 180x150 proteinbars bold Good News For Weight loss Using Meal Replacement Shakes

 Good News For Weight loss Using Meal Replacement Shakes
We women love to DIET, and at any time one of three women are on one, but sadly we are more overweight than ever, and binge eating after a session of dieting is one of the big problems, so how would you like to lose about 1 – 2 pounds a week, and KEEP IT OFF?!! okay, it is possible, and it isn’t a fancy DIET #

It is all about replacing a meal with meal replacement shakes, but mainly it is about changing your attitude to what you are doing and forget all the old ways of cutting out meals and favorite foods, eating a leaf of lettuce and a carrot stick for lunch, which in time gets Ssoo…o boring that you quit once again and reach for the bar of chocolate or other things that seem so yummy and untouchable.

Use meal replacement shakes to help in your healthy way of eating.

Cutting back on your favorite foods has been shown to be one of the least effective way to lose that weight, putting your body under stress, and depleting your body of vitamins and minerals which are needed to keep your skin, nails and hair healthy, while meal replacement shakes will give you those vitamins, minerals and protein all at the same time.
How does this all work? Well as your body burns calories at the rate of 13.7 calories per pound of lean body mass, and only burns 3 calories per pound of fat, increasing the protein intake will build up the lean body mass and burn off more calories, so if you eat 500 calories less you should loose between 1 – 2 pounds a week, and common sense tells us that if we are eating less calories than we are burning the difference is made up by burning into the body fat, which is a fabulous idea.
The big cruncher now is to make sure that you eat well and nutritionally for the rest of the day, starting out with a good breakfast or whey protein shake and having a good healthy eating plan, not allowing yourself to be hungry where you will eat anything, but snack on fruit, some nuts, dried fruits, crackers etc.
A good exercise program for women will also help you to sleep better, (it is’nt called beauty sleep for nothing), have better skin, fewer lines on your face, stronger nails and hair, and just give you a good sense of well being to face the tasks and dramas of the day.
 Good News For Weight loss Using Meal Replacement Shakes

Meal replacement shakes are simple, so make loosing a few pounds just that as well.

One of the key things when trying to attain that goal figure is not to obsess over weight loss and make it your focus in life, just something else you are doing, and to be able to recognize that you possibly won’t loose 10 pounds in 10 days, as it took more days than that to get there in the first place

If you make the meal replacement shakes according to the directions they will be tasty and easy to replace a meal during the day, so give it a go and start NOW!!! what have you to lose but a bit of that weight. Happy drinking!!



diet shakes 3 Good News For Weight loss Using Meal Replacement Shakes

Let’s Get Serious About Losing Those Extra Pounds.

Natural Way to Lose Weight Drinking A Whey Protein Shake

A good balance 150x150 Natural Way to Lose Weight Drinking A Whey Protein Shake

If you want to lose that belly fat, you need to start a new eating/drinking program, and there are lots of weight loss products that can help you but there is also a natural way to lose your fat fast and that is drinking a whey protein shake and doing some form of exercise each day.

This is the best way to weight loss, so you need to make sure that you are willing to sacrifice all the fatty and sugary foods you eat, as this is the only way to really set your goals straight so that nothing will go to waste.

A whey protein shake is natural

Here is why you should try whey protein shake diet and strive for natural weight loss.
The first reason why natural weight loss is best is because it’s all natural, keeping in mind that there are products out there that are used to get rid of fats, that can be harmful, and might have side effects which can cause further problems, so make sure that you really want to take those industrial weight loss pills.

The most obvious luxury to put into your body are natural products, and a whey protein shake is the best way to get you going, as it is natural and healthy to supercharge you during the day

With all the proper nutrients you need, in a whey protein shake you won’t have any problems during your daily eating routine, and maybe opt for a diet shake for your best diet plan.

Exercise along with a whey protein shake

Then during your  best diet plan, you should start with a gentle exercise daily, and work up to something more hardcore.

Just a simple walk each day to get you moving and started in the right direction to build up that much needed confidence in yourself once again.

Remember you can do it, and keep telling yourself that nothing is impossible if you just believe.

So you need to make sure that you start from the basic exercise routines and activities and it is important that during your new way of treating your body, that  you to stay away from alcohol and fatty foods, as this can ruin all your hard work to get rid of those fats.

A new thinking is what you have now, so to lose fat fast, you need to fight the temptation of wrong foods and set your goals straight.

In some cases where the weight is still the same, and you know that you have dropped a dress size, be excited at your results and give yourself a ‘high five’. as remember that muscle is building up and that weighs more than fat, so keep on track and make sure that you are losing fat fast, rather than gaining more weight.

With the help of proper exercise and a whey protein shake, you will surely get the body you always wanted.

After all the hard work and determination, you will really lose weight in no time, but try not to use unnatural diet products, as it is not the best way to get rid of all the fats in your body.

The best way is to add pure protein to your diet and exercise naturally, it’s safe and good for your health. So what are you waiting for? Add protein shakes to your diet and you will surely lose weight along with a proper diet.

DRFl banner 180x150 proteinbars bold Natural Way to Lose Weight Drinking A Whey Protein Shake

 Natural Way to Lose Weight Drinking A Whey Protein Shake

Diet shakes4 300x61 Natural Way to Lose Weight Drinking A Whey Protein Shake